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Effective use of maritime resources

Organisation: Environmental Development Association

Time: 6/1/2010 – 9/30/2013



EDA is continuing its activities within the Baltic Sea Region Programme (2007-2013) project “Sustainable Uses of Baltic Marine Resources” (project acronym: SubMariner). Project was approved in October, 2010 and will run till December, 2013. Aim of the project is to explore innovative marine resources in the BSR, thus contributing its aim to become a model region for sustainable sea management.

One of the most valuable, most widely accessible and at the same time, dangerous marine resources is algae but at present this valuable marine resource use and management is unable to provide the potential benefit from it, therefore it is necessary to develop efficient algae collection, processing and utilization models.

Project partnership involves enterprises, NGO’s and maritime institutes around the Baltic Sea Region which are sharing their experiences, knowledge and explore the use of Innovative Solutions as well as developing strategy for algae use in agriculture, cosmetics, and food industry and discuss the algae- biomass development possibility and its constraints.

There are also activities in a progress phase aiming to reduce the pollution of the Baltic Sea and explore the new uses of Baltic Sea resources.

ADDITION NOV. 2014: Project results are published in the project Compendium “An assesment of Innovative and Sustainable Uses of Baltic Marine Resources” and project future perspectives addressed in the roadmap “Towards a blue-green economy in the Baltc Sea Region” both are available for download: