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Emission reductions to Hiidenvesi, Lohjanjärvi and Baltic Sea

Organisation: Hiidenveden suojeluyhdistys ry

Time: 10/31/2009 – 10/31/2015



Hiidenveden suojeluyhdistys commits to reduce the emissions to Hiidenvesi, Lohjanärvi and the Baltic Sea. Lohjanjärven suojeluyhdistys and Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi-ja ympäristöyhdistys are joining forces with Hiidenveden suojeluyhdistys.

Objective of the Commitment:
Yearly emissions are between 30-60 tons of phosphorus per year. The objective is to reduce this amount by 50% as the project continues.

Also to activate the people living in the area of Hiidenvesi and Lohjanjärvi . Additionally, to influence politicians to grant state and municipal funding in order to continue to reduce emissions.