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Enhanced agricultural nutrient load reduction with new combined treatment

Organisation: Vapo Oy Clean Waters

Time: 4/1/2015 – 3/31/2017



Vapo Oy is the leading developer of bioenergy in Finland and in the Baltic Sea region. As a part of Vapo Group, Clean Waters (CW) is a forerunner of natural water treatment solutions. CW applies water treatment methods which are based on natural biological, chemical and physical processes. CW´s tailor-made water treatment solutions are suitable for the retention of agricultural runoff and reduction of the nutrient load, while increasing rural biodiversity at the same time.

Agricultural runoff is one of the main contributors to the eutrophication of Finnish inland waters and the Baltic Sea. Based on this, CW concentrates on the following two issues in its commitment:

1. CW is committed to support the Baltic Deal Demofarm Network by developing new and cost-effective treatment methods for the reduction of nutrient runoff and enhancement of nutrient recycling in livestock production. CW will construct an enhanced treatment plant for the livestock manure waste waters. The treatment consists of three stages; the first process is mechanical treatment with septic tanks, the second is biological treatment with an evaporating willow wetland (EWW), and the third is additional nutrient removal with adsorbing filtration. During growing season, the EWW can evaporate rain and manure waste waters (about 2 m3/m2 EWW) and uses nutrients for growing (over 20 kg phosphorus/hectar EWW/year), reducing significantly nutrient loads in recipient waters.

2. CW will design a novel water protection zone concept for the inland lakes and coastal regions. The concept with e.g. innovative buffer zones and land use applications aims towards more efficient nutrient recycling and minimization of runoff in lake catchment areas dominated by agriculture. The study will focus on a pilot lake located near the coastal regions of South-Western Finland and the concept will be designed in cooperation with research institutes and local stakeholders.

CW will also support BSAG´s work by donating 2500 € per commitment year. The commitment period will be two years, 2015-2016, with an option to continue thereafter.