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Finnair for Baltic Sea

Organisation: Finnair Plc

Time: 1/1/2011 – 1/1/2013



Finnair is committed to the following actions for the BSAG:

* Finnair is providing media coverage for the BSAG initiative in various communication channels, e.g. Finnair Plus News, Blue Wings, and on the website.

* Finnair enables Finnair Plus members to donate Finnair Plus points to support the work of Baltic Sea Action Group.

* Finnair will add Baltic Sea Action Group animations and documentaries into its in-flight entertainment system on board. The animations will also be added on Finnair’s Corporate Responsibility web site.

* Guardian of the Baltic Sea -necklace and tie pin will be added into Finnair PlusShop selection. The designer Kehrä Interior donates 40 euros from each sold item to the BSAG.

Objective of the Commitment:
Ongoing work.