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Free of charge translation and adaption for Latvian use of existing Finnish SME guide lines regarding treatment of hazardous waste. 120 working hours.

Organisation: BNL Juridiskais birojs

Time: 7/9/2012 – 2/9/2013



Latvian association “Let’s Live Green” was established in May 2012. The main goal of the association is to unite entrepreneurs and members of society for common public awareness actions saving the Baltic Sea and promote the BSAG concept in the Baltic States.

“BNL Juridiskais birojs” Ltd, lawyers’ office is a co-founder of the new Latvian association “Let’s Live Green” (LLG). The company will commit to promote awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea in the public and private sectors in the Baltic States in cooperation with the Baltic Sea Action Group.

As a commitment to BSAG, The Finnish Water Utilities Association, the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, the Finnish Solid Waste Association et al. have produced guidelines regarding proper hazardous waste treatment for SME´s in six fields of activity. The objective of the guidelines is to limit the amount of Hazardous substances and litter entering sewer network and finally the Baltic Sea.

The material is free for use in other Baltic Sea countries, including Latvia. However,
• translation into Latvian is needed,
• the guidelines should be adapted to the Latvian circumstances, including the legal basis and general Latvian guidelines for hazardous waste treatment. Especially, modification is needed to the part of the guidelines that refers to further information available regarding hazardous waste treatment.

“BNL Juridiskais birojs” Ltd will commit to perform free of charge (estimated time of work 120 hours) the translation of Hazardous waste handling guideline“Car repair,shops, service,stations and car washes” and adaptation to the Latvian circumstances of the guide section “Further information”.