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Guardian of the Baltic Sea 2

Organisation: Kehrä Interior Oy

Time: 3/1/2014 – 12/31/2019



Guardian of the Baltic Sea consists of various jewelries among others a charity pendant and a tiepin designed by Kehrä Interior Oy. The jewelry is hand-made from recycled silver. From each sold item 40 euros is donated to BSAG. With our jewelry, we hope to build a ”personal profiling boom” for those who take part in the process to save the Baltic Sea. In our first Commitment (started 30.8.2009) our goal was to raise 100.000 euros for the benefit of the Baltic Sea work. This goal was well exceeded and donation was made in June 2013 to Baltic Sea Action Group.

The Commitment has been slightly modified and will continue until further notice. The market has expanded and new GBS designs ( has been added to the jewelry line. The donations will be given to BSAG Finland based on actual sales in Finland and to BSAG Sweden based on actual sales in Sweden.

The results of the sales will be reported annually in the Milestones of this Commitment.