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Hanko <3 Baltic Sea

Organisation: Hanko Tourist Office

Time: 6/1/2015 – 12/31/2017



1. Awareness raising
– The tourist office will assemble an information package regarding the
current state and protection of the Baltic Sea. This will be distributed at the
tourist office and presented during guided tours, cruises etc.
– The tourist office will raise awareness about the state of the Baltic Sea
among the local residents in co-operation with BSAG, Tvärminne
Zoological Station and the local media.
-The spreading of good practices to other municipalities and organizations
in the region through Visit Southcoast of Finland- the joint marketing brand
of tourism buisnesses and municipalities in Western Uusimaa.

2. Raising money for building a wetland in the Täktominlahti area
– A portion of the product sales revenue at the tourist office and part
of the incomes from different events in Hanko will be channelled for
building a wetland.
– Encouraging restaurant owners to offer a Baltic Sea menu aimed to
create awareness and to donate a part of the price for the protection of the
Baltic Sea.
– Encouraging event organizers in Hanko to raise money and to provide
information about how to protect our nature.

3. Events
– The Beach Clean Up event held once a year will be developed together
with schools, organizations, residents and town employees.
– The Garden Week, organized by the tourist office, will be developed to
include information on nutrient (phosphorous and nitrogen) use and the
benefits of cycling.
– The Baltic Sea Hackathon; Ready-made local cases to be solved in
small groups. E.g. solutions for decreasing food waste.
– The city of Hanko will encourage event organizers to fulfill “Baltic Sea
code of conduct” which will be developed by Hanko. (Including e.g. zero
tolerance on waste, best available sanitary equipment etc.)

4. Top conditions in leisure boating ports
– City of Hanko together with yacht clubs and other private entrepreneurs
develops waste reception and septic tank infrastructure.

5. Test area for collection of algae from the sea
– City of Hanko provides test areas, i.e. beaches, for a new method to
collect algae equipment to be provided by ForeC Advisors Oy.

6. Follow up
– The tourist office will gather data about the results of the actions above.
Surveys/straw polls will be done and the result will be reported and shared
with tourism entrepreneurs in the area.