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Heureka’s water analysis laboratory for science camps and school visitors

Organisation: Heureka, the Finnish Science Center

Time: 4/1/2010 – 10/1/2011



Heureka will make a commitment to organize a hands-on water analysis laboratory program in science camps on summer 2010 and examine possibilities to offer water analysis laboratory programs for school visitors during school year 2010-2011. Laboratory can be tailored to suit for children from pre-primary education to secondary school. Its purpose is to familiarize children with laboratory work and to encourage them to think about issues related to nature and water quality. It will also give the teacher necessary tools to continue with the topic at school after Heureka visit.

We believe that with this effort, we can help youth to better understand issues related to water quality and what kind of actions are effective in restoring the water quality in Baltic Sea.

Among Heureka’s most appriciated services are science camps which are organized over summer months. Each summer, over 1000 enthusiastic children attend to a week-long camp in Heureka. During the camp they do numerous science-related programs and experience Heureka’s exhibitions under guidance of Heureka’s explainers.
Heureka is located in Vantaa, an area that is connected to Baltic Sea through the Kerava River catchment system. It is known fact that fertilizers and nutrients end up to Baltic Sea through these rivers. This makes Heureka’s location excellent for experimental science programs, which help to understand cause-relations in ecosystem.

The objective is to raise awareness and knowledge level of children visiting laboratory programs permanently.