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ICT training services for BSAG’s personnel

Organisation: Tieturi Oy

Time: 10/9/2012 – 10/4/2013



Tieturi’s commitment to train BSAG personnel (incl. voluntary workers) amounts to the equivalent value of 20.000 euro for a 12 month period. The training is offered as Tieturi open courses. Tieturi has committed to train the personnel of BSAG so that they will be able to take full advantage of their technology platform and manage their processes and projects to the benefit of a cleaner Baltic Sea. Tieturi is a leading ICT-training and consulting company. ICT is an increasingly important enabler for all kinds of organisations, so also for BSAG. However, technology alone does not go far – without skilled people the technology will not deliver intended results.

Tieturi is committed to responsible conduct of business. We develop our services with environmental, social and economical interests in our mind. Some examples are:
1. remote training using video equipment and tools for unified communication to enable access to world class training while saving travel time, costs and CO2 emmissions.
2. Tieturi trains annually hundres of people under the treath of unemployment to assist them in qualifying for new employment.
3. Tieturi supports various organisations in fullfilling their mission in providing for a better world.