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Implementation of the FOSTOP concept in the Baltic region

Organisation: Nordkalk Oy Ab

Time: 5/15/2012 – 5/15/2017



Nordkalk has developed several limestone-based products and methods for reducing nutrient loads on water courses. These products and methods have been compiled into one FOSTOP concept. The general feature of the methods is to capture and recycle phosphorus from non-point sources.

Nordkalk’s commitment is to develop and implement tailor made FOSTOP applications in the Baltic region.

Implementation strategy:

1. Pilot areas will be established in Finland and Sweden.
2. The short term effects and results will be monitored and evaluated.
3. Based on the above results, new pilot areas will be identified and established in Poland and the Baltic countries.
4. Long term effects and lifetimes will be evaluated.
5. Continuous communication of the actions in order to raise awareness of the FOSTOP concept in the Baltic Sea region.

Objective: Permanent reduction of the phospherous load on and in the Baltic Sea (external and internal loading)

Wider experience of the methods and their efficiency, political and economic commitment are needed.