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Improvement of storm water handling

Organisation: Wavin-Labko

Time: 8/27/2014 – 12/31/2016



All through the 50-year-long existence has Wavin-Labko focused on securing better living conditions and cleaner environment, clean drinking water and more effective treatment of wastewater and rainwater. One of Wavin-Labko business areas is to develop, produce and sell oil separator systems to clean storm water from asphalted surfaces e.g. harbors, industrial yards and car parking areas.

Untreated or poorly treated storm water contains oil and other harmful substances and cause further pollution of the water systems and the Baltic Sea. In Finland, the current standard of oil separator systems is to handle a maximum of 1/3 of heavy rain, meaning that app. 95% of the yearly rain fall is treated. The current trend is to decrease the standard from 1/3 to 1/10 meaning that only 75 % of yearly rain fall is treated and this has very negative effects to the Baltic Sea.

1. Wavin-Labko is committed to hold on to the 1/3 standard of oil separator systems in its own design, installations and promotion in Finland and to further develop those systems.

2. Wavin-Labko is committed to educate consultants, designers and authorities to understand the difference of handling 1/3 of maximum flow compared to handle only 1/10 of maximum flow.

3. Wavin-Labko is committed to educate owners of the oil separator systems to secure that the systems are used and maintained properly and that the “oily waste” accumulated in the filters is handled in the best possible way to minimize hazardous emissions into the water system and the Baltic Sea.

Wavin-Labko also supports BSAG´s 3000 €/year through the Commitment period.