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Improving oil recovery readiness in the Bay of Bothnia

Organisation: Arctia Shipping Ltd

Time: 3/11/2013 – 12/31/2014



Northern ports of Finland are estimated to receive more vessel traffic in the near future.With increased traffic volumes come increased accident risks. The risk of oil spills presents a danger to the fragile environment of the northern Baltic Sea. For its part, Arctia wants to be involved in the response for these threats. We commit ourselves to improve oil recovery readiness in the Bay of Bothnia, thus ensuring that any crises that may occur will cause minimum damage to the environment.

We promise to ensure that the design of the new port icebreaker being built for the Port of Kemi-Tornio will take the ship’s oil recovery capability into account to the maximum extent. Based on this design work, we also promise to equip the vessel with the latest oil recovery technology.