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Organisation: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Time: 9/6/2013 – 12/31/2018



Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences cooperates with organizations committed to BSAG by innovation project `A Thousand Ideas for Baltic Sea` starting in September 2013.
The aim is to find new and Innovative Solutions together with BSAG Commitment makers and other companies/ organizations in course of five years.

The objectives for `A Thousand Ideas for Baltic Sea` in cooperation with BSAG are

* to find Baltic Sea related innovations that can be implemented in practice
* to help companies to implement or further develop their BSAG Commitments
* to raise awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea among students and partners
* to find Innovative Solutions in any of BSAG’s focus areas: nutrient recycling, eutrophication, biodiversity, Hazardous substances and litter and maritime safety.

The objectives for the innovation project studies for Metropolia UAS further include

* to develop skills and knowledge among students
* combine sustainable development strategies and innovation studies
* strengthen regional development
* develop cooperation between Metropolia UAS and companies

Metropolia students take part in innovation project (each student gains 10 ECTS, works for 250 hours) as part of their Degree Programme studies. The students from all faculties are welcome and multidisciplinary groups are formed.
The students` groups will get acquainted with the Baltic Sea problems by specialist`s lectures and research work. Students will find a problem related to the Baltic Sea and an innovate viable solution to it. Students will identify companies that could develop or implement these solutions
Students will present the problem, its solution and the identified companies to BSAG. Together with BSAG, Metropolia students and teachers assess the problems and suggested solutions. The significance of the problem, extent and effect on the Baltic Sea, and viability of the solution is discussed. When a case has potential, the students contact the companies together with BSAG for discussions Both present and potential BSAG Commitment makers are included in the analysis. If this activity will result in a new Commitment, BSAG will administer such a Commitment.
The students are tutored by Metropolia lecturers from different faculties. The innovation project course includes the following tasks for students:

• Awareness raising: gaining knowledge and getting aware of the problems of Baltic Sea,
• Problem identification and innovation: finding a problem in connection with the Baltic Sea that needs to be solved and an innovative viable solution to it
• Assessing partnership: finding and evaluating companies for implementing the solution,
• Potential evaluation and assessment: presenting the problem to BSAG; analysis of extent and effect, solution in practice and suggestion of companies to be contacted,
• Collaboration: contacting the companies together with BSAG to present the ideas

Metropolia UAS students will be responsible of preparing the project plan, analysis and development of the ideas, (marketing plan, if applicable), final report and oral presentation. The assessment criteria for Metropolia UAS in innovation projects are: novelty value of the innovation, viability, development and analysis of the innovations, reporting, presentation, learning diary, collaboration with interest groups.