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Introduction of phosphate free household chemicals in services of Info Serviss Ltd, a company providing cleaning services to companies in Latvia.

Organisation: Info Serviss Ltd

Time: 7/2/2012 – 7/2/2013



The Latvian association “Let’s Live Green” was established in May 2012. The main goal of the association is to unite entrepreneurs and members of society for common public awareness actions for saving the Baltic Sea and for promoting the BSAG concept in the Baltic States.

Info Serviss Ltd., a cleaning service provider is a co-founder of new association “Let’s Live Green” (LLG) in Latvia. The company will promote awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea in the public and private sectors in the Baltic States in cooperation with the Baltic Sea Action Group.

Info Serviss Ltd will use phosphate free household cleaning chemicals in its cleaning services to companies. The company will also promote the use of eco-friendly products to its customers, explaining the positive impact to the Baltic Sea.