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Islander photo exhibition series for the Baltic Sea

Organisation: Ville Juurikkala

Time: 9/27/2012 – 12/31/2014



Islander photo exhibition series collects funds to protect the Baltic Sea.


To counterbalance the hectic life of a top rock ‘n’ roll photographer, Ville Juurikkala has spent a lot of time on the island of Iniö, located in the southwest coast of Finland. Surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Baltic Sea, the silence of the island has made a lasting impression on him, inspiring the photographs in “The Islander” exhibition. On show in Helsinki and New York is a unique collection of the more delicate visions of a photographer known for his wild rock ‘n’ roll shots: a set of maritime scenes rich with haunting sensibility and meditative peace.

Ville Akseli Juurikkala (b.1980) is a self-tutored photographical prodigy, who determinedly turned his hobby into a profession after high school. Dubbed “The Best Rock Photographer in the City” by City magazine in 2007, Ville has shot album covers and promotional pictures for over hundred artists, including Slash, Good Charlotte, Nightwish, and HIM, authored several photo books, and directed music videos and documentaries.

The archipelago of the Baltic Sea has been a part of Ville’s life since his childhood, and the boat trips with his family count among his dearest memories. Especially after three years in Los Angeles, Ville found the unique, rugged nature and peace of the Finnish archipelago to be an important balancing factor to the lurid, celebrity-filled artificial reality of Tinseltown.

Ville’s collaboration with Noora Kunttu and Heini Lehto of Kehrä Interior started when Kehrä commissioned a work from him. During the photo shoot they started talking about Kehrä’s charity jewelry project Guardian of the Baltic Sea that has already raised € 75,000 for the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG). Soon they got the idea to collect an exhibition of Ville’s archipelago pictures in order to support the all-important conservation of the Baltic Sea.

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