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K-maatalous and K-maatalous Experimental Farm for sustainable farming

Organisation: K-maatalous and K-maatalous Experimental Farm

Time: 6/1/2016 – 5/31/2018



K-maatalous – part of the Kesko group- is the second largest agricultural store in Finland.
K-maatalous offers a combination of tested products and services from the best operators to meet the needs of the farmers.

Agricultural Foundation of Trade is an independent foundation (governed by Kesko) and the operator of K-maatalous Experimental Farm. K-maatalous Experimental farm’s research and testing activity provides information and solutions for wide use in agriculture and for the benefit of the K-maatalous customers.

K-maatalous parent company Kesko is one of the most responsible trade sector operators in the world. In line with Kesko´s sustainability programme and the goal to mitigate climate change and promote sustainable use of natural resources, K-maatalous has committed to emphasize sustainable farming in its operations.

K-maatalous commits to taking environmental issues into account while creating improved, effective and more profitable agriculture and cultivation practices. The Commitment focuses on improving soil growing conditions, better nutrient use and nutrient cycling in agriculture.

The first concrete step is that K-maatalous Experimental Farm in Hauho tests new simple and inexpensive measurement technology for measuring nutrients in soil. By testing the measurement technology K-maatalous Experimental Farm develops knowledge for the farmers how to follow-up the nutrient levels in the crop fields and about the equipment and their suitability to effective on-field testing.