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Kosken kartano – a Baltic Sea Action Farm

Organisation: Kosken kartano – Koskis Gård

Time: 3/1/2010 – 3/1/2014



Kosken kartano – Koskis Gård will help BSAG establishing a network of Baltic Sea Action Farms (BSAF) in Finland and in other countries in the Baltic Sea region by setting up rules that has to be fullfilled to get the ”BSAF – certificate”.

In the first phase Kosken kartano will follow a few rules favouring the Baltic Sea on own land:

– keep at least 50% of their farmland on grass all year around and at least 60 % of the total farmland either on grass or on wintergrain during the winter to diminish eutrophication.

– all regularly flooded farmland will be kept on vegetation all year around

– manure from cattle will be spread only on growing crops or on fields where crops are sown right after spreading

– grass are favoured on fields close to rivers and lakes

Objective of the Commitment:
To reduce eutrophication on local level and by spreading information, through the BSAF initiative, also on a larger scale.