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Legistum commits to the protection of the Baltic Sea by offering free legal services to BSAG and companies protecting the Baltic Sea

Organisation: Legistum

Time: 6/2/2014 – 12/31/2018



1. Legistum Attorneys Ltd is committed to assist BSAG foundation by donating free legal consultation or legal training to BSAG for a total of two (2) days per year. This helps BSAG in managing its operations and drafting contracts with companies and organizations.

2. Legistum Attorneys Ltd agrees to donate ten (10) hours of free legal consultation or legal training to companies working in a field, that is advancing the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea. All companies need to be accepted by BSAG and Legistum Attorneys in order to be applicable to gain free legal consultation. Legistum commits to support two such companies per year.