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Luxury is finally sustainable!

Organisation: Gallery Park Hotel Riga Latvia

Time: 3/16/2013 – 3/16/2014



Gallery Park Hotel (GPH), Riga wishes to demonstrate that LUXURY can be sustainable without compromising the quality.

The Gallery Park Hotel objective is to synchronize the GHP business strategy with the sustainable and environmentally responsible business approach supporting and offering a new environmental friendly business line for the current and new customers.

The hotel will implement a package of services as a part of its offering. The concept allows the customer to enjoy luxury level eco-friendly versions of all GPH services such as: accommodation, catering and restaurant, transportation, staff and client education, marketing and promotion.

As the first hotel to enter into this sustainable environmental program in Latvia the hotel will be offering and sharing knowledge and experience to other hotels and representatives from different business areas in Latvia offering companies to join GPH initiatives.

Actions of the Commitment would support reduction of the eutrophication and climate change load to the Baltic Sea:
1.Reduce the generated waste – Guest information on waste separation (separate bags for plastic, paper, glass, etc.), use of recycle paper, recycling of office paper, art paper, packing material, paper cores, etc.
2.Reduce the impact of the household chemicals on discharged wastewaters – informative measures on water use, avoiding excising washing, using environmentally friendly detergents, providing toiletry accessories earmarked green and sustainable.
3.Increase of the energy efficiency and saving – bulbs, heating conservation, electrical conservation, use of electric cars for transfer of guests.
4.Offer eco-food and beverages to customers- informing the guests about the sustainable products used at the GPH, highlight menu with locally produced and labeled eco-products.
5.Build a public awareness and promotion of environmentally friendly approach among staff, customers, other hotels and related hospitality organizations.

Separate Milestones will cover concrete target activities within defined period.