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Maximizing the effective use of fur animal nutrients and minimizing negative environmental effects in fur animal production

Organisation: Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association /Suomen Turkiseläinten Kasvattajain Liitto ry (Profur)

Time: 12/6/2017 – 12/31/2020



Commitment Description
The Finnish Breeders’ Association (Profur) develops manure treatment methods and finances and instigates research projects in collaboration with the research institutes. Fur animal manure contains abundantly phosphorus. Therefore, during the Commitment period, our goal is to develop methods which ensure better utilization and use of manure phosphorus in the areas where it is needed. Our goal is also to develop nitrogen binding methods which decreases environmental effects

Practical measures

a) Harmonization and further development of the methods of the composting companies (approx. 20). Our goal is to create a protocol for all fur animal manure composting companies. The protocol will be based on BAT principles. The goal of the protocol is to increase utilization of manure nutrients.

b) Organizing an education course for fur farmers during 2018. The focus of the course is to decrease environmental effects of fur animal production and also to increase awareness of how fur animal production affects the Baltic Sea. Profur arranges two courses for Finnish and Swedish speaking farmers during the Commitment period.

c) Use of biochar to enhance the value of the fur animal manure –project. The aim of the project is to develop and commercialize fur animal manure and its nutrients. The result of the project is to launch new products to the market by 2020 at the latest. An additional goal is to create a marketing company to continue the work of the project.

d) Enhanced use of fur animal manure –project investigates if zeolite added to the feed of fur animals increases nitrogen binding and decrease nitrogen emissions and drainage. The goal is to maximize nitrogen binding by testing different amount of zeolite (clinoptilolite) in feed dry matter.