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“Mikkola Farm: sharing experiences with other farmers”

Organisation: Mikkola farm

Time: 1/26/2010 – 1/26/2014



Mikkola farm is situated in Salo, Southwest Finland. The farm has put effort on water protection and biodiversity during past years. As the subject “agriculture and environment” needs more open information, we commit by giving permission to Baltic Sea Action Group to present the agri-environmental choices of our farm in the internet pages of Järki project This way our experience about different measures can be seen by other farmers and the decision making of using the same measures becomes hopefully easier to them. We also hope to raise common awareness (among decision-makers, consumers etc.) of the choices farmers are doing for the environment.

We have good experience for instance about buffer zones, no-till farming, measures for nature and game management and now also wetlands, which have been planned and constructed on our farm by WWF Finland. We also participated WWF contest for most Baltic Sea friendly farms in 2009. We are interested in taking care of the biodiversity of our farm, keeping nutrients in the field and still maintaining the landscape and of course keeping the field soil in good condition. It is allowed to present in the internet pages by maps and aerial photos how we have solved these questions at our farm. We are also willing to tell our own experience, not just the success stories but also about the problems of using these measures.

Objective of the Commitment:
temporary, lasting for 4 years (as long as Järki project exists)