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Nestlé Finland’s Baltic Sea commitment

Organisation: Nestlé Finland

Time: 6/17/2021 – 6/17/2023



As part of the ambitious goal to halve Nestlé’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 and to achieve net zero by 2050 – Nestlé has made a commitment to source globally 20% of key ingredients through regenerative agricultural methods by 2025, and 50% by 2030.

In Finland, the focus will be on the raw materials farmed in Finland, which are used in our local factories for food production.

For this reason, Nestlé Finland gives a Baltic Sea Commitment to BSAG. Actions of the Commitment are:

Nestlé Finland trains identified Finnish farmers in Nestlé’s value chain for regenerative farming practices by 2023. The raw materials will be used for producing baby food under Piltti brand in the Turku factory.
To reach this target, Nestlé Finland encourages the farmers to attend the E-college in regenerative farming, and organises, in collaboration with BSAG, information meetings and intensive trainings for farmers. The trainings strive to ensure that the farmers are able to practically implement regenerative farming practices on their farm.
Nestlé Finland aims to train its Nordic employees about principles of regenerative farming practices. Nestlé encourages the key employees closest to farming to attend the E-college on regenerative farming.
Nestlé Finland examines the possibilities to use the learnings of regenerative farming in product development.
Nestlé Finland spreads the learnings from the Carbon Action platform within the Nestlé Group to examine, for example, how to incorporate the principles of regenerative farming into purchasing criteria.
Nestlé Finland communicates about the Carbon Action project to consumers, farmers and other stakeholders through its general communication channels such as website, social media, press releases, newsletters and reports.
Nestlé Finland joins the Carbon Action company platform and commits to working actively together with BSAG, researchers and other relevant stakeholders.
The implementation of the Baltic Sea Commitment will be followed-up through regular meetings between Nestlé Finland and BSAG, and as part of Nestlé Finland’s sustainability reporting.