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New website and online services for BSAG

Organisation: atBusiness

Time: 11/1/2011 – 5/31/2012



atBusiness provides BSAG, at a special rate, with a comprehensive web solution/platform, technical expertise and professional services to help BSAG with renewing and deploying its web site. The new content management solution will enable BSAG to promote the awareness of the organization as well the Baltic Sea, enhance its communication and support to collect donations via Internet.

The services related to this project cover project management, functional specification , technical design and execution, deployment, training and support services.

By providing BSAG with efficient communication means atBusiness assists BSAG to achieve its goals. The new website functions as a portal for achieving high awareness of the ecological situation of the Baltic Sea, and it provides an efficient channel for fundraising. Both these components are essential for achieving BSAG`s goal: To save the Baltic Sea.