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Nord Stream Data and Information Fund

Organisation: Nord Stream

Time: 4/1/2010 – 4/1/2021



Nord Stream AG, in its capacity as the Operator of one of the major infrastructure projects in the Baltic Sea has been actively involved in conducting numerous surveys in the Baltic since 2005. During this period the Company has gathered a wealth of unique data on the Baltic Sea for the purposes of preparing and submitting the relevant documentation in pursuit of corresponding permits for the construction and operation of the natural gas pipelines.

Nord Stream AG generally intends to offer the produced data and the data to be gathered during the monitoring programme for the purpose of supporting various kinds of activities under the BSAP. However, some of the data might be classified and confidential under applicable local laws and regulations and as such require prior clearance by the relevant authorities, as the case may be. As Nord Stream fully respects such classifications, all data and information to be made available for the purpose of BSAP implementation will be unrestricted or cleared by the authorities, and will be specifically tailored by the Nord Stream Data and Information Fund to help deal with Baltic Sea challenges.

The company will provide high resolution bathymetry and sediment type as well as environmental survey data along a longitudinal corridor through the Baltic Sea, spanning an area of around 2 km in width and 1,220 km in length from Lubmin (Germany) to Portovaya Bay (Russia). Furthermore, results from the scheduled environmental monitoring programmes will be added to provide high-end quality information which can then be utilized to address many challenges of the Baltic Sea.