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Optimizing Environmental Footprint in Sea Transport

Organisation: Wärtsilä Oyj Abp

Time: 1/15/2010 – 1/15/2011



1. 5 Vessels navigating in Baltic Sea continuously and installing Wärtsilä Scrubber will receive a Pollution Free Shaft Seal for main propeller shafts as free of charge from Wärtsilä

2. Wärtsilä will establish a Consultancy Service Concept for Charterers, Ship Owners,Classification Societies, Authorities and other Stakeholders in order to increase the environmental understanding and to provide measurable methods to reduce the total pollutions from ship operations in Baltic Sea

3. Wärtsilä will include extensive Environmental Training in the Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy, focusing on Ship Operators, Shipping Management Companies and Crew members in order to increase the environmental awareness.

Permanent reduction of environmental impact per transported goods or passengers.