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Our Baltic Sea

Organisation: Soroptimist International of Finland

Time: 3/1/2010 – 3/1/2014



To raise environmental awareness among the members of the Soroptimist organisations in the Baltic Sea catchment area.

SI of Finland has committed to participate in the programme to save the Baltic Sea. We cannot accomplish enough alone. We can do much more by working together with other Soroptimist unions and clubs around the Baltic Sea in this programme. SI of Finland proposes that SI Unions and Clubs around the Baltic Sea Area will commit to the European Federation’s theme ‘Soroptimists go for Water’ by joining the programme to save the Baltic Sea. This is a suitable programme for women’s organisation, because in families, women normally make decisions about household products that are used, and other activities.

The Finnish Minister of Agriculture Sirkka-Liisa Anttila has promised to be a patroness of our programme

* We are aware of the state of the Baltic Sea and we deliver actively the information further
* We actively look for measures to avoid polluting the water
* We especially get women and children committed to save the clean water
* We are working together with other unions and clubs inthe Baltic Sea area to find measures to prevent further pollution of the Baltic Sea

How to do it?
* The clubs will have one theme in their meetings about the Baltic Sea
* We have prepared a list of less polluting household chemicals and distributed it to other organisations in Finland
* The list will be updated e.g. with regard to household products containing Hazardous substances and litter when more information will be available.
* The other Unions could work to prepare a list of less polluting household chemicals marketed in their own countries and deliver it to other voluntary organizations
* The clubs can make their own anniversary donations to the organizations for ‘Clean the Baltic Sea’ projects.
* We would try to affect as much as possible, the local decision makers to make decisions and take action to help to keep our lakes and rivers clean, and thereby reduce emissions to the Baltic Sea.
* SI of Finland will prepare a slide show about Clean the Baltic Sea on the web site. SI of Finland is willing to help other Unions to do same.

The work started in Finland in 2007 will be expanded to the Baltic, Polish, German and Russian unisons in 2010.

Objective of the Commitment: