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Passion for the clean Baltic Sea

Organisation: Suomen Nuorkauppakamarit ry

Time: 10/13/2012 – 12/31/2015



JCI Finland’s Commitment is to raise awareness among companies, organization and other third parties of the critical condition of the Baltic Sea and its acute environmental problems. JCI Finland’s objective is to enable JCI’s local organizations, national and international organizations around the Baltic Sea countries to make positive changes for the Baltic Sea and in co-operation with BSAG .This is done by organizing local Baltic Sea events and by inspiring other companies and organizations to make a Commitment to BSAG (

1. List of potential companies and organizations
•Companies where JC already have relations and know key players.
•Companies where our members have real insight or we think there are competencies, which may result in direct or indirect contributions for a healthier Baltic Sea – agriculture, maritime activities and Hazardous substances and litter.
•The list of potential commitment makers can also include schools, associations and other organizations alike.
•Implementation of the project as a part of JCI Finland’s national, areal and local organizations.

2. Assessment of “Baltic Sea details” in the companies and organizations
•Try to come up with creative ideas which could be presented to the companies and later probably adjusted into concrete commitments for these companies. If the interest arises, direct the third party to BSAG.
•A commitment is an action or a process which results in a direct or indirect contribution for a healthier Baltic Sea. It should be as concrete as possible and preferably it should offer new solutions that have not been tried before. BSAG approves and manages the Commitments.
•It can be a new product, a method or a R&D project.
•A worthy commitment is based on the business operation and the competence of the company. The company provides knowledge and resources – action that represents its expert knowledge and best performance!
•Both the Baltic Sea and those who participate in the work benefits from the collaboration. Companies can develop new products, test techniques, make new contacts and expand their markets. Companies receive positive publicity and the opportunity to demonstrate environmental, social and economic responsibility in practice. Such actions make companies more profitable, attractive and competitive.

4. JCI Finland will involve other national JCI -organizations and expand the project to other countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. National JCI organizations of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Norway (?) and St Petersburg.