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Piloting sea based measures to treat polluted sediments in Töölö Bay

Organisation: Eko Harden Technologies Oy

Time: 8/14/2017 – 6/30/2020



Eko Harden Technologies is a Finnish company operating in the land remediation space. Eko Harden’s patented EKOGRID® technology is an advanced electrokinetic bioremediation process using electronic oxidation to treat contaminated soil, ground water and sediments worldwide by way of in-situ remediation. EKOGRID® is sustainable, highly scalable, and creates measurable social impact by providing clean soil and groundwater in contaminated areas throughout the world with exponential cost-savings.

The process has been tested and used on dry land in over ten countries in five continents with superb results. Eko Harden´s Baltic Sea Commitment is to test if the EKOGRID® process is also effective in remediating polluted water sediments. Treating or removing polluted and/or nutrient rich water sediments in a sustainable way is one potential way to improve the state of the Baltic Sea. More than half of the current phosphorus load to the Baltic Sea comes from internal load and new innovative ways to tackle this problem on local level are needed. If the EKOGRID® process proves to be sustainable, energy and cost effective it opens new opportunities on the whole Baltic sea area. During the project nutrient recycling possibilities can also be assessed.

EKOGRID® will be tested in remediating the sediments of the centrally located Töölö Bay, which has been designated as one of the top remediation priorities in Helsinki, Finland. The first phase of the remediation process has commenced and will run until mid-2018, following which the process may continue based on results obtained therein.