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Race for the Baltic

Organisation: Zennström Philanthropies

Time: 3/18/2013 – 11/1/2013



Race for the Baltic is a multifaceted campaign looking to bring together businesses, NGOs, foundations, politicians and the public to create awareness on the environmental state of the Baltic Sea and create the political space for implementation of much needed policy.

The activities in the campaign include:
–a series of business roundtables throughout the Baltic Sea addressing sustainability in the Baltic
–a public relations campaign (online, social media, etc) to collect input from people around the Baltic Sea to demand action on overfishing, eutrophication and the protection of biodiversity in the Baltic Sea
— a bike campaign around the Baltic starting in early June which will host events throughout the region to gather signatures, raise awareness, and engage municipalities, local people on the issue of the Baltic
— provide a platform for NGOs working on this issue to work together to coordinate activities and leverage each other’s work throughout the region
— A photographic exhibition/campaign asking people to tell us why they care about the Baltic
— a series of meeting with government and parliamentarians around concrete policy changes needed to address the environmental issues facing the Baltic Sea