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Raising awareness about the state of the Baltic Sea in my Ella Aura fantasy books (WSOY)

Organisation: Elena Mady

Time: 9/16/2012 – 12/31/2018



Attitudes are important. Without the will to act the way is blocked. It is crucial for even more people to want to become involved in the protection of nature and the Baltic Sea. We protect what we love and value.

My fantasy books Ella Aura’s Doomsday Diary (Ella Auran tuomiopäiväkirja 2011, WSOY) and Ella Aura and the Thirteenth Guardian (Ella Aura ja kolmastoista haltia, October 2012, WSOY) tackle some of the questions surrounding why we should protect nature and the Baltic Sea and offer some answers in a language young and grown-up readers alike can understand. My fictional characters prevent man-made disasters from destroying nature and the Baltic Sea in a fictional plot, but the scenarios are thoroughly researched and possible. Therefore, fantasy meets reality.

My new trilogy is called The Body Jumper. Protecting the environment is one of its central themes. The Baltic Sea cannot be protected if we keep polluting the atmosphere. Finding clean energy sources is, therefore, one important way to protect the Baltic Sea.

Because of the important and global subject matter, I write my books in English, as well, in order to make it easier for foreign publishers to read them. My goal is to get the Ella Aura series published abroad The Ella Aura fantasy series is my way of highlighting very real problems and offering some information about the ways we can combat them.

We all must do what we can. This is my contribution, and I can’t wait to see what my readers will do.

In addition, I have helped out BSAG by proofreading and editing their English texts.