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Raising awareness and supporting regenerative farming with a Baltic Sea emphasis

Organisation: CarbonToSoil

Time: 9/28/2015 – 12/31/2017



Climate change and conventional farming methods are both greatly contributing to eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. By changing conventional farming methods to regenerative farming the climate change could be reversed. This would mean also a double win for the Baltic Sea, when the effects of the climate change and conventional farming would decrese significantly.

CarbonToSoil is developing a non-profit project which aims to reverse the climate change! By participating anyone, a consumer, a company or a community, can take part in saving the planet and the Baltic Sea from their biggest threats. The project is built around a mobile application targeted to consumers. Companies and communities can participate now by sponsoring the project.

CarbonToSoil project enables consumers, communities and companies to support farmers to regenerate their farmlands through crowd sourcing. Through the mobile app users get real life farm experiences by learning where and how the food they eat is produced.

Reversed climate change is possible to be achieved if enough conventional farming in the world would be changed to regenerative farming. This change restores the Earth’s natural ability to sequester the excess carbon dioxide fro atmosphere to the soil while providing more income for farmers, better food security and healhier food for consumers.

CarbonToSoil and BSAG are sharing the mutual interest to work for nutrient recycling to reverse climate change and save the Baltic Sea. Therefore CarbonToSoil will bring sustainable nutrient use and nutríent recycling as a topic to CarbonToSoil application and to the participating farms. CarbonToSoil will also start by emphasizing farms on the coastal areas, to maximize the impact on the waterbodies.