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Responsible farming promotion for Baltic sea protection

Organisation: Zemnieku Saeima (Farmers Parliament)

Time: 3/5/2013 – 9/30/2014



Latvian NGO “Farmers Parliament” commits to engage in the activities rising farmers awareness about importance of responsible farming practices for future of Baltic sea and region.

Technological and technical innovations for manure management processes on the farms and precision agriculture technologies will be facilitated through different activities:
•Education and promotion activities targeted to the farmers
•Information activities
•Policy and support instruments dialog and development processes
•Improved dialog and collaboration with the environmental NGOs and institutions
•Recognition and dissemination of the good management experiences, to demonstrate achievements of responsible farmers as good practice.

Concept of intelligent farming will be developed and promoted through bottom – up processes, with involvement of farmers, research people, consultants, agriculture and environmental experts.

Activities will be directly linked and coordinated with the Baltic Sea Region Programme (2007-2013) projects Baltic Compass and following project Baltic Compact.