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Retrieving Farm

Organisation: Gundby Farm

Time: 2/14/2010 – 2/14/2015



We commit to develop the ”Gundby Farm” into a pilot farm of sustainability.

Aim is to create a Nutrients Retrieving Farm in five years. This means, that within 5 years there will be

1) Investment in a bioenergy plant
We will use e.g. manure, slaughter waste, reed, unutilized fish as a source of energy and source of retrieving the nutrients back to use

2) Holistic design of field/cultivation methods and techniques in organic farming together with the neighbour farm

3) Optimal amount of animals

4) Full and open access to the planning
process, implementation and results as a possibility for scientist to develop new solutions

The goal is not only to recycle phosphorus but to retrieve the nutrients already lost from the active use. Phosphorus is a non-renewable natural resource, which will end in 70-100 years (the mined raw material). Nothing exists without it, and there is no substitute for phoshorus.

Nitrogen will be recycled for climate reasons: a lot of energy is consumed when producing nitrogen, and it is a major contributor to the energy balance of the farm.

(To retrieve: to get something back, to save something from being lost, damaged, or destroyed, to set something right or make it better, revive or restore something to its original condition)