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Revision of Restricted Chemical Substance List at UPM

Organisation: UPM-Kymmene Corporation

Time: 3/1/2013 – 12/31/2013



Hazardous substances and litter pose a significant risk to the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.
To improve measures to avoid the use of chemicals currently identified as posing potential harm to water ecosystems, UPM will produce and take into use a revised version of the company´s Restricted Chemical Substance List which will apply to all chemical suppliers.
The chemicals to be included on the list will mainly include those classified as harmful to aquatic life and/or have a tendency to accumulate in sediments.
The revised list is applied globally, and the link to the Baltic Sea comes via the Finnish mills located in the Baltic Sea catchment area.
The work will include the following steps:
1) Update of the list
2) List communicated to all relevant suppliers
3) All used process chemicals screened
The objective of the Commitment is to reduce emissions of Hazardous substances and litter to the Baltic Sea and other water bodies.