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Sanoma Corporation for a safe Baltic Sea

Organisation: Sanoma Corporation

Time: 11/15/2009 – 11/15/2012



Sanoma will financially support Tanker Safety Project led by John Nurminen Foundation which enhances the maritime safety by improving navigation methods and vessel traffic guidance. In addition, it makes the work at tanker bridge easier. Together with main stakeholders in navigation a new bidirectional navigation service (ENSI, Enhanced Navigation Support Information) will be created. Tankers send their route plans to GOFREP (Gulf of Finland Reporting) system through internet before departing from a harbor. The system revises the route and sends back real-time navigation information about for example environment, traffic image and deviations. The route is monitored and when changes differing from the plan happen, GOFREP interferes according to the procedure.

Tanker Safety Project aims to substantially reduce the risk of a major oil tanker accident in the Gulf of Finland. Impact will be permanent.