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SodaStream Clear Baltic Sea – Consumer enlightment and donation to BSAG

Organisation: SodaStream International B.V. Suomen sivuliike

Time: 6/2/2010 – 8/29/2012



Our commitment is to enhance awareness of the condition of the Baltic Sea and the importance of rescuing the sea. We will utilize our brochure, web page and Facebook page to inform people about Baltic Sea and give everyday hints to help the Baltic Sea to recover. Our goal is to get attention of 50.000 people on our Facebook page and make them think of their own ideas to rescue the sea.

– We will donate 0,20 euro to BSAG for each user who becomes a fan of our Facebook page. Donation will be up to 10.000 euro.
– We commit to arrange drinking water and soft drink service in the BSAG events in Finland and neighbouring countries.

To raise the citizen awareness on condition of Baltic Sea and help people to change their thinking and behaviour.