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Stakeholder Relations study for Baltic Sea Action Group around the Baltic Sea region

Organisation: Eurofacts Oy

Time: 10/16/2009 – 1/16/2010



Eurofacts Oy (together with company’s network around the Baltic Sea region) will carry out a stakeholder relations study for BSAG by interviewing selected stakeholders around the Baltic Sea and by evaluating other relevant information.

The outcome will be a general description on public discussion, key issues and main emphasis on the protection of the Baltic Sea as well as description of the key stakeholders country by country. The study will include recommendations and conclusions to BSAG’s stakeholder relations work in order to promote BSAG’s goals around the Baltic Sea region.

The study will be carried out in close cooperation with BSAG and it will be introduced to BSAG in a separate workshop.

The impact of the work is aimed to strenghten BSAG’s stakeholder relations work in the long run in order to increase the understanding of BSAG’s goals, facilitate BSAG’s work and strengthen BSAG’s position among its stakeholders.

The study is a start for a process in which BSAG is managing its stakeholder relations.