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Storm Water Communication Campaign

Organisation: Vesilaitosyhdistys, Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA)

Time: 6/14/2018 – 12/31/2018



Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA) works to increase property owners’ and landlords’ awareness on storm water issues and concerns by launching a communication campaign. The aim of the Commitment is to promote real estate owners’ awareness on their properties’ water pipes and sewers and the environmental impacts of their water management solutions.

The impact of properties’ water management is significant in the time of heavy rains in many cities. If property owner could delay and slow down rain waters coming from their roofs, water would have longer period to flow through sewerage systems. As a result, most urban floods would be prevented and there would be no need for bypassing sewage water into the waterways without purification. The topic is also pressing because of increasing rainfall caused by climate change.

The campaign message is addressed to house owners and board members of the housing companies. Campaign goals are:
•To raise focus groups’ awareness on storm water. It is important to manage storm waters within properties.
oWhat is storm water?
oWhy is it important right now?
•To increase awareness of the responsibility of the landlord / owner of the property / board members of the housing companies, when it comes to water issues on their property.
•To increase awareness of the impact of water solutions for the value of the property, but also for safety and the environment.

The campaign will be implemented during the year 2018. The timetable will be refined as the planning progresses.