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Strategic alliance with BSAG

Organisation: Baltic Development Forum

Time: 2/1/2010 – 8/1/2010



Baltic Development Forum and BSAG engage in Strategic in Baltic Sea related matters.

BDF will offer to continue the BSAS action oriented process at BDF Summit in Vilnius in June 2010. It will help keep up the momentum and speed of the process and focus on the commitment and involvement of the private sector. It will also help promote the dialogue between public and private sector stakeholders. The Vilnius Summit will also help to disseminate the results of the BSAS to a larger audience of stakeholders.

BDF will also assist in drawing attention to the pollution of the Baltic Sea in a Danish context in particular to the private sector members of BDF.

Objective of the Commitment:
To continue the BSAS process at the BDF Summit in Vilnius in June 2010. One of the objectives is to present the commitments to stakeholders and decision-makers in the Baltic Sea region that otherwise would not be aware of the work and thereby broadening the engagement.