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Strengthening the capacity of the whole Vanajavesi catchment area to reduce nutrient loads into the Bothnian Bay

Organisation: Vanajavesi Foundation

Time: 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2017



As a new non-governmental organization working on improving the status of lakes and rivers in Vanajavesi area, we will gather funding and other resources for the task. We will improve the co-operation between government officials, grass-root level, business sector and the media by joining the regional forces not only for the benefit of the over 300 lakes and rivers in this area but also for the general appeal of the region. All success in reducing the nutrient load in our area will also benefit the Baltic Sea. We will accomplish this by e.g. carrying out a variety of practical water protection measures in co-operation with different actors, participating in scientific research, popularizing and disseminating the new knowledge and organizing environmental education for school and preschool children. In this period, we will especially focus on involving the business sector in this work for a better environment by creating co-operation packages for enterprises on different levels.