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Supporting research and actions to decrease Baltic Sea eutrophication.

Organisation: Lucrativo

Time: 6/12/2018 – 12/31/2020



Lucrativos’s Baltic Sea Commitment aims at supporting research and actions to decrease Baltic Sea eutrophication.

Lucrativo Sustainable Solutions offers CSR, environmental and sustainable design services to businesses. The company’s aim is to act in global co-operation with relevant organisations for optimal implementation of sustainable business solutions, and to support the development of a responsible society. Lucrativo has a multidisciplinary team of legal, environmental, design and communication professionals.

In the scope of the Commitment, Lucrativo is especially willing to support actions for significant reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus leakages from the food chain. New innovations for sediment purification and co-operation with sustainable agriculture communities in Finland would be highly valuable.

The Commitment support for BSAG is built on the following cornerstones:

-co-operation in circular economy actions by events and by Lucrativo digital platform development (applicable to some extent to fertilisers and circular economy in agriculture)

-co-operation with Lucrativo’s legal services to advance Baltic Sea related issues in the EU-institutes, connecting to relevant influencers and acting for a living Baltic Sea