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Sustainable and environmentally friendly communication

Organisation: Creamailer Oy

Time: 3/23/2016 – 12/31/2021



Creamailer has a strong focus on developing environmentally friendly and sustainable communication solutions such as e-newsletters. Creamailer believes in communicating and marketing in an ecological way to meet the needs and interests of organizations and target audiences, while eliminating the impacts that threaten or harm the environment and natural resources. Creamailer supports the Baltic Sea Action Group’s Baltic Sea work by its mailing service and expertise. Creamailer also assists BSAG to organize and operate its email communication and marketing.

Creamailer’s expertise will especially be needed as BSAG is preparing to the expected legislation changes regarding the data privacy and marketing. With the help of Creamailer BSAG keeps in touch with its focus groups and potential Baltic Sea donors.

Together with Creamailer BSAG sends out a wide range of newsletters: from info newsletters reporting on the Baltic Sea conservation work to campaign-driven newsletters as well as educational newsletters. Besides using the newsletter-platform, Creamailer consulting services are a key component of the cooperation.