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Sustainable production of high quality Malt in the Baltic Sea region

Organisation: Viking Malt Oy

Time: 9/1/2014 – 9/1/2017



Viking Malt is a progressive grain processing company supplying malt and services to breweries and distilleries in Baltic Rim area and to the world market. Viking Malt produces malt in modern malt houses in Finland, Lithuania and Sweden. Our customers require the best raw materials to be used for their process. Responsibly produced, high quality malting barley, clean air and pure water are needed for our products.
The climate in the countries Viking Malt operates is favoring barley as a main crop. There are plenty of farmers specialized in growing malting barley and they are committed to make further efforts in increasing the quality and productivity of malting barley grown locally. As continuous supply of pure, high quality barley is one of the cores of our business, Viking Malt has made a Commitment to act for reducing the nutrient leakages to the Baltic Sea from the barley cultivation. This is done through:

1. Viking Malt will encourage local cultivation of malting barley in Finland, Sweden and Baltic states – this will minimize the transport need of raw materials to our malt houses

2. Viking Malt will strengthen the current supplier audit system to encourage and help farmers and suppliers to further improve their cultivation methods. By requiring farmers to follow growing programs developed together with fertilizer companies, pesticide producers and research organizations, the total efficiency of farming can be increased. Improving soil conditions, crop rotation and precision fertilization according to variety are important elements of those growing programs.

3. Viking Malt will develop new malting barley varieties together with the breeders and brewers. The main target for the new varieties is to achieve better efficiency and energy use in the whole barley-to-beer chain.

4. Viking Malt will support the cultivation of Winter Malting Barley in Northern climate. That will enable vegetation on fields during the winter thus reducing leaching of nitrogen and phosphorus.

5. Viking Malt is also committed to make efforts for reducing the use of water and energy in the barley processing chain. Using best available techniques in malting process and favoring renewable energy sources are important elements in achieving that target.

The Commitment is expected to last three years with an option to continue thereafter.