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Tallink Volunteer Club

Organisation: AS Tallink Group

Time: 12/2/2009 – 12/2/2015



Tallink commits to further establish a volunteer club within the organization; the members are all company’s employees. The volunteer club members are trained to assist the rescue forces during larger scale oil pollutions on sea, which endanger and/or already damage Estonian coastal waters and shores.

Tallink will additionally provide the volunteer club with equipment for field works if necessary. A part of the equipment is already ordered and will be stored in the company’s headquarters in Tallinn.

They will be a part of the volunteer forces of Estonian Nature Foundation and will be called to join the forces in case of oil pollution on Estonian shores.

The objective of the commitment is to further educate the employees about environmental protection and raise the awareness about the risks of pollution. The main objective is to support the Estonian (sea)rescue forces and voluntary groups by increasing the readyness to act, as well as the human resources of rescue forces in case of oil pollution of the Baltic Sea and Estonian coastal regions.