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The biodiversity in the Baltic Sea – happening, Monimuotoinen Itämeri – tapahtuma

Organisation: Biosukeltajat ry

Time: 1/27/2010 – 1/27/2011



The idea of the happening is to introduce the biodiversity in the Baltic Sea to the public. Year 2010 is the UN’s theme year for the biodiversity, so the theme is current. There has been so much negative news of the Baltic Sea that we will share the positive information for a change. The focus is underwater nature and the organisms that lives there. The happening will be organized by research divers and biologists. There will be diving demonstrations, introduction of the underwater research tools, samples of animals and algae as well as lectures. We will also share information about what you can do in your everyday life to help the Baltic Sea. The happening will be held on the Harakka island, where Helsinki Environment Centre has a nature centre and good facilites for nature education. The planned date is Sunday the 29th of August. The event will be open to the public and free of charge. The official language of the event is finnish. We will advertise the event in coo-operation with the Environment Centre.

The impact of the commitment is hopefully longer than temporary. The only way we really can make a difference is through common people’s attitude to the Baltic Sea: if they appreciate their own sea enough they are ready to do choices and commitments that help the Baltic Sea. And further the appreciation arises when people see how beautiful the Baltic Sea can be.