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The Spark of Creativity/Base Camp Stockholm 2012

Organisation: Nobel Museum

Time: 1/1/2012 – 12/31/2015



How to be more creative, ways to come up with new ideas and how to become better problem solvers. At the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, you can see the exhibition “Cultures of Creativity”. A copy of exhibition the has been shown in 14 locations around the world. The exhibition is about the Nobel laureates and creativity. Since 2010 we offer a workshop on creativity for business professionals called “The Spark of Creativity”. The workshop takes about two hours and begins with an introduction about the Nobel Prize and the Nobel system. The workshop is divided into three main parts. In the first part, we focus on the individual. We define the concept of “creativity”. We listen to what some Nobel Laureates has to say about their creative process. What qualities seem to have been important for their work? How important is for example accuracy, courage and vision? In the second part we focus on group processes. Sometimes we have to work together to solve a problem. Many Nobel laureates have highlighted the importance of collaboration for their work. How can we make our collaboration more effective? Can we learn from Nobel Laureates? The second part ends with a practical collaboration exercise. In the third and last part, we discuss the importance of the environment for creativity. How can it be that places like Cambridge has succeeded in producing so many Nobel Laureates? How can we make our own company or organization better? The workshop ends with a practical exercise where the participants can demonstrate their own creativity. Using this workshop design as a base, the Nobel museum will be the main facilitator in BSAG´s Base Camp Stockholm 2012. The aim of this workshop is to inspire invited representatives of companies and organizations to formulate optimal commitments for themselves. Thus, inspiration will be combined with focus, the Baltic Sea, to produce new actions to restore the ecological balance of the sea. All in all, Nobel museum offers the Base Camp workshop facilitation including facilities and 5 other lectures/workshops during 2012 and 2013. Objective of the Commitment: Exercise in creative thinking – Innovative Solutions