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Tieto’s Sustainability Intelligence for Commitment Makers and Services for BSAG

Organisation: Tieto Corporation

Time: 2/10/2010 – 12/31/2012



Tieto’s Commitment has two parts. Tieto will provide Sustainability Intelligence Solution for BSAG and other Commitment makers (A) and provide IT services for BSAG (B).

A. Tieto is willing to provide its Sustainability Intelligence Solution to BSAG and other commitment makers with no licence fees. These free licences can only be used exclusively for addressing commitments towards the Baltic Sea. The allied services, 3rd party licenses, consulting services, infra services etc. are not part of the commitment. Tieto reserves the right to limit this commitment in order to secure its IPRs and other assets.

B. Tieto will provide several IT related services to BSAG. First, Tieto will provide one of our people (Sameer Datye) to handle the CIO function within BSAG. The costs will be covered by Tieto. Responsibilities’ and accountabilities have been agreed between BSAG and Tieto.Second, BSAG can use the iReach solution for their Commitment Bank. Tieto will help customise the solution for the next 1 year according to BSAG’s needs within the scope of the technologies used. Third, Tieto has committed to host BSAG IT needs that can be transported to the private cloud’s architecture, when it is up and running. Between the time the cloud environment is being built, Tieto will also support in the creation of a migration plan to the private cloud to save time and keep it simple for the movement to private cloud later. This commitment will not include any 3rd party licensing fees, consulting, services etc. Additional costs need to be approved by Tieto on individual merit.

Objective of the Commitment
A. About Sustainability Intelligence Solutions; It is an analyze, decision and reporting tool that we use internally in order to keep track of our own sustainability indications, calculate values like CO2 emissions and create data for our annual CR report. The tool is based on the GRI framework indicators but can also provide some help in Global Compact and CDP reporting. We also sell the tool externally to our customers including some SW modules (like for instants rfid tracking of materials) that we do not use internally. The tool has for instants been used for tracking transportation and the origin of wood raw material, in order to make sure the wood do not come from an illegal harvesting (i.e. rain forest) or theft. If you look at this link: you can read some more, including a short animated video (on right side).

B. Objective of Tieto’s Commitment is to help BSAG to consolidate and organize its IT. Solid and stable IT road map for BSAG in order for the organization to effectively leverage their IT for fulfilling the Foundation’s objectives.iReach tool is designed to increase awareness about the commitments made towards the Baltic Sea. The tool design allows the users of the systems to view the commitments from 2 or more different perspectives.