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To facilitate organizing Baltic Sea Action Summit 2.0 in Russia – organizer, contributor and expert in public affairs

Organisation: Eurofacts Oy

Time: 5/6/2011 – 5/1/2013



Eurofacts Oy will give the work and expertise of Managing Director Mr. Anders Blom regarding this project as a donation in favor for the Baltic Sea area based on a special agreement.

Eurofacts Oy will facilitate BSAG to arrange the Baltic Sea Action Summit 2.0 in Russia. As an expert of public affairs in Russia, Eurofacts Oy will support and promote the strategic objectives of BSAG in Russian administrations and decision-making processes.

Eurofacts Oy is one of the permanent members of the organizing committee for the Baltic Sea Action Summit 2.0 based in Russia as an expert with voice in.

The objective is to arrange second Baltic Sea Action Summit in Russia. As an high-level forum of political leaders of Baltic Sea countries and partners of BSAG, the Summit will raise awareness of the achievements, share ideas and set new goals for the BSAG project.

The Summit itself is a one-day event but the preparations and arrangements require the duration of the Commitment, 20 months