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Uniart- Art pro the Baltic Sea

Organisation: Uniart Finland Oy

Time: 5/15/2010 – 12/31/2012



The 60 artists of the Finnish marketing chain for design work, wish to take part in the conversation concerning the state of the Baltic Sea by means of designing different works of art for this purpose. We aim both to collect money for the work of saving the Baltic Sea and to inform of this work via the pieces of art. We hope that they raise questions and conversation whenever seen to be kept by their owners. The money received by selling the art goes straighly and completely to BSAG.

The first piece of art, necklace called BEYOND reflects air bubbles under the surface of the sea. Oxygen is an essential condition for life. You may also find other submarine elements from the necklace. The surface circles are like thought bubbles; a thinking person has a standpoint to the state of the environment.

To raise permanent and rising conversation and to collect money for the work to save the Baltic Sea.

We believe that people are nowadays interested in charity where they can trust that their input goes straightly to the goal they wanted to. Also they are happy to receive a concrete and beautiful memory of their kind gesture.