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Unilever commits to reduce water and energy consumption in Unilever Ingman Production

Organisation: Unilever

Time: 9/1/2016 – 8/31/2019



Unilever is one of the biggest consumer goods producers in the world with more than 400 brands and over €53.3 billion turnover in 2015. The product portfolio is wide also in Finland and Unilever can be found behind brands like Ingman, Flora, Omo, Knorr and Turun Sinappia.
Unilever’s Commitment made for BSAG concerns Unilever Ingman Production. Unilever Ingman Production, located in Sipoo produces ice cream for consumers around the Baltic Sea. Unilever is the number one in ice cream sales in Finland and therefore understands the responsibility coming with the leading position. The core of the Commitment by Unilever Ingman Productions concerns developing the production and decreasing the environmental impact, improvement of the state of the Baltic Sea, promotion of circular economy, and fighting the climate change

The Commitment of Unilever Ingman Production consists of two parts:
1. Unilever Ingman Production is committed to reduce the annual amount of water used in production by 4 % annually.
2. Unilever Ingman Production is committed to reduce the energy used in the production by 4% annually.

The Commitment for BSAG is a natural part of Unilever operations. The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan sets out to decouple economic growth from the environmental impact, while at the same time increasing positive social impact. The plan consists of three goals: 1. Help more than a billion people to improve their health and well-being. 2. Halve the environmental footprint of Unilever’s products. 3. Source 100% of the agricultural raw materials sustainably and enhance the livelihood of people across the value chain.